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Q. Why choose Polevocative?

A. We were pole students ourselves long before we started teaching. Over the past 6 years our knowledge, training and qualifications have continued to grow, driven by our huge passion for providing the best pole dancing experiences. We try and test our course structures, always developing the content to remain at the top of our profession. It is our aim to ensure you have a lot of fun mastering pole dancing in the best professional environment.

Q. What about my size, shape, age?

A. Pole dancing attracts such a diverse mix of women that there is no one stereotype in our classes. Regardless of age, size, shape and fitness level this is the place for you to progress at your own pace. You will probably find all your energy is focused on mastering the moves rather than worrying about how everybody else looks.

Q. What should I wear?

A. Shorts which are vital for pole dancing as the more skin contact with the pole the better, along with a vest top or t shirt. Most beginners learn barefoot, you can wear ballet/jazz shoes if preferred or heels. Please refrain from wearing any jewelry to the classes including rings, watches, large earrings and necklaces. If you have a naval piercing you will need to cover it with a long vest top/plaster. In the winter please bring tracksuit bottoms, leggings, and or leg warmers for the warm-up allowing your muscles get lovely and warm ready for the pole.

All students can bring heels to class, however please ensure they have a strap around the ankle and that you can confidently pole dance in them.

Q. How do you ensure the classes are taught safely?

A. We have over 9 years of pole dancing experience and 7 years teaching pole. We have been fully trained on how to safely teach moves. We are insured for Public Liability; have a recognised REPs Level 2 Exercise to Music qualification, First Aid at Work and we are members of Equity.

During class we take steps to eliminate the possible risks of injury as best as possible and it is important that you follow the instructor’s tuition at all times. You will be fully supported and guided during each session learning how to correctly engage your muscles and execute the moves.

Q. How many students are in each class?

A. We have a maximum number of 6 to 8 students in all of our pole dancing classes, and we have three poles. Most classes have an average of 2 students per pole.

Q. What fitness benefits can I expect from a pole dancing class?

A. All of the moves in pole dancing increase core and total body strength by using the whole body as a resistance. When the moves are put together into a flowing routine this becomes fantastic cardio workout. Pole dancing is a challenging discipline and will be one of the most rewarding forms of exercise you try.

Q. Are there any other benefits?

Polevocative is a very friendly school and you will meet some lovely people. As pole dancing is a very challenging form of dance and fitness you will naturally grow more confident in yourself, your abilities and your body awareness. A lot of people find that pole becomes a great incentive for keeping fit outside of the lessons too.

Q. What sort of poles do you use?

We use the best equipment at our studio in West Croydon. We use xpoles which have been tried and tested by some of the world's greatest pole dancers and also used in all the national competitions. "


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