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Polevocative, South London's premier school for pole dancing run by Lisa Williams offering bespoke pole classes, workshops and parties in Norbury, South London. Visit here here for regular updates on our latest special offers, news, videos, showcases and exciting events.

If you require any information please do not hesitate to email us on lisa@polevocative.org

Lisa Williams
Founder of Polevocative

Polevocative; Hot, Innovative and 24/7

16th March 2012

Today South London's pole dancing school Polevocative launches as a full time business, acquiring a studio premises in Croydon, South London.
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Lisa Williams Evokes The Nation With Rhythm At The UKPPC Final!

13th December 2011

On Sunday I was one of 6 UK finalists preparing for vertical battle of the Professional Champion title at the UK Professional Pole Championships!
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Strong And Sexy

Updated: 31st October 2011

I'm not first poler to observe that the weather really affects us pole fanatics. We complain that it's too hot in the summer, slipping and sliding (oh yes sounds so sexy I know, but sadly it's not), then in the winter, we're too cold.......
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I'm A Pole Dancer....Get Me Outta Here!

Updated: 25th October 2011

I'll start with the topic that's at the forefront of my mind and that is the 9-5. Dolly Parton makes it sound fun....Sorry Dolly this pole dancer is bored!
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