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Polevocative is an innovative pole dancing company specialising in bespoke pole dancing classes, workshops and parties in Croydon, South London. At Polevocative we are passionate about providing all individuals with both an evocative & active experience in the art of pole dancing. We aim to introduce you to the benefits of pole dancing, ensuring you not only get an excellent dynamic workout but you also have lots of fun!

Polevocative was set up in 2010 by Lisa Williams . Lisa has been a professional instructor and pole performer for over 7 years. After 3 solid years of teaching experience at two highly reputable UK pole schools and as an ex student herself, she had her own vision of the elements successful to a good quality pole class. After extensive thought and planning, the Polevocative business was launched.

Polevocative take pride in teaching small personalised pole dancing classes, enabling each student to get the most out of the lessons. We believe retaining our students and tailoring our classes to meet personal expectations makes us a cut above the rest. We try and test our pole dancing course structures, always developing the content to remain at the top of our profession, and are proud of our reputation for providing a friendly, warm and encouraging atmosphere to pole dance in.

Regardless of your dance background, shape, age or size we will continue to ensure your fitness is taken to new heights!

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